Luke Brennan - Rose Again
$5.00 - $8.00

  • Luke Brennan - Rose Again
  • Luke Brennan - Rose Again

Luke Brennan - Rose Again
$5.00 - $8.00

1. While The Stars Are Sleeping
2. Embassy Waits
3. Always Got Time For You
4. Any Old Time
5. Vanity I
6. Vanity II
7. Vanity III
8. Your Name
9. Try Again

This morning I knew the rose had died when a breeze came through the window lifting all its petals and scattering them all over the room. They were pale yellow just like when the flower was alive but now they blushed pink as well. They settled on the sill, on the desk (the books and devices), on the carpet and on the bed. I deliberated on what to do. Trashing them would be silly. Who bins a rose? Should I collect them and return them to the garden? There is no point, I decided. They should just remain here in my room. Because what is the place for a rose petal but exactly where it lies?

released May 6, 2015

Made in November 2014 at Grove Recording.
'Try Again' was written by Garrett/Mosley.
The cover photo was taken by the wonderful Paige Clark.
I owe this music to some very special people who surely know who they are.

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